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First you will need to set your custom profile on Blogy and all the great ones will go very fast so do not wait. While you are free to set up any custom profile on Blogy anyone using someones trademark will have their profile and membership blocked from Blogy

Feel free to create your wicked profile


Build your blogy

The next step in your Blogy process is to build your blog using our awsome blog builders where you can use our templates or build your own template using HTML5 and CSS3

Blogy.org are going to give our members one of the best blog engines available on the net. 


Publish your blogy

Once you have created your blog you can submit your Blogy.org web page for approval.

Yes, every page must be approved by Blogy.org and any edits, while this may delay your pages and edit, it ensures that Blogy.org becomes a well respected place for people to visit your blog unlike mostly all other blog engines. 

Reserve your Blogy profile username

You can get in contact with Blogy to reserve your username and secure some of the best usernames before we launch the Blogy service.

Blogy usernames are on a first come, first serve basis.

We welcome trademark owners to reserve their brands and products on Blogy.

You can request any profile username on Blogy. Profile usernames that we feel that will not keep the Blogy service respectable could result on the profile username not being approved. Some profile usernames may abuse our Blogy service, use trademarks owned by other 3rd parties or upset the public. Unlike other blog services we wish to keep a respectable blogging community that will not only help keep Blogy a great service, the Blogy service will be respected by the internet community and will only help your blogging experience and increase your readers.

Use the below contact form to request your profile username, hurry as the great names will go very fast. 


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